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Ooltewah, TN (April 3, 2006)
No one could anticipate what was coming as the “5 second board” was shown in preparation of the most exciting start in racing at Round 2 at St. Petersburg Grand Prix. Unfortunately, within the bat of an eye, all hell broke loose for Chili Pepper Racing as Osborn got caught in a pit straight melee ending Osborn’s hope of improving last years 9th place finish.  “At the start Eric Curran Acura RSX was tangled with Espenlaub and Altenburg. I saw the blue Mazda leap off the ground off to the right of the grid. The field was moving in all directions like stampeding cattle. All of the sudden the cars parted and sitting cross-way in the track was Curran,” said Osborn.” I hit the brakes but had nowhere to go…I was pinned in.  The data acquisition showed the impact was more than 3.3 G’s at over 80 mph. It was a heck of a jolt! I am OK but the car needs some work“
Chili Pepper Racing is back in their shop preparing for Round 3 at Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course May 21st weekend. Chili Pepper Racing and friends will be visiting the Columbus Children’s Hospital on Tuesday May 16, 2006.
Chili Pepper Racing promotes 501-c3 Charities at no expense to those charities. Chili Pepper Racing is an authorize dealer for SABELT, MotoPhoria, and EZ-UP. 100 percent of money raised through product sales goes to support these charities.

The Lighthouse Family Retreat is a seaside family retreat established in December 1999 to serve families caring for children with cancer. Melinda Mayton's, founder of Lighthouse Family Retreat, purpose is to provide a place of hope and renewal to families facing fear and challenges most of us will never experience. The retreat is a way to allow the children and family to escape for a week of fun and rejuvenation. The program is designed to reconnect families, strengthen parents, bring laughter to children, and find hope in God. The vision of Lighthouse Family Retreat is to host 12 to 18 retreats

T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital is part of the Erlanger Health system and is a level-one trauma center.  Located in the Tennessee Valley of Chattanooga, TN. T.C. Thompson does not only serve the Tennessee area but also those living in North Alabama, East Tennessee, North Georgia and Western North Carolina. The hospital serves as a teaching facility for the University of Tennessee School of Medicine.

Remote Area Medical is a non-profit, volunteer, airborne relief corps dedicated to serving mankind by providing free health care, eye care, veterinary services and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States and the World. The need to get medical care to people in inaccessible regions was one which founder Stan Brock knew all too well while living 15 years with the Wapishana Indians in the Amazon rain forest.  His deep desire to find a way to take health care to people who had none was the seed of R.A.M.

Since 1985, R.A.M. and 21,688 volunteers have provided free health care to 245,255 patients, 59,859 animals.  In those 20 years, they have provided over $20 million in health care.

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