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By: Jim Bourn

At 11:11 AM at Erlanger Medical Center the latest member of the World Challenge family entered this world as Amy Jo Osborn gave birth to Austin Hatcher "Hatch" Osborn!

Jim and Amy Jo's new bundle of joy hit the air weighing in at 6 pounds and 15 ounces but word from SCCA is that Harry Turner is thinking of strapping on 6 or 7 pounds of REWARDS weight! The rev limiter will be attached later. Much later!

Dr. Jim swore to me that he was laid back and wasn't trying to run the show but he also mentioned that the delivery went very smoothly so Jim possibly felt that consultation wasn't needed!

"Amy Jo was great," Jim beamed over the phone. "She looked better and more relaxed after delivery than I usually do after a race weekend!"

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