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Our shop has developed race quality MK 5 Jetta TDI performance components from intercoolers, control arms, solid engine/transmission mounts and down pipes to custom ECU programming and Hybrid turbos

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* Chili Pepper Racing Development components are for race/off road use only

Chili Pepper Racing’s SPEED World Challenge Touring Car

Volkswagen MK5 Jetta TDI built to 2008 SCCA Pro Racing specifications

CHASSIS: Stripped and caged MK 5 Jetta TDI unibody construction. EuroGEAR USA carbon-fiber hood, rear deck lid, door skins. DEVAL aerodynmic body kit and race splitter. Crawford-style carbon-fiber wing with CPR mounts. VWoA silver tail lamp assembly. Current weight is 2450lbs without driver.

ENGINE: Transverse mounted Volkswagen 1.9 liter turbo diesel,Garret ball bearing/water cooled Compound turbo System, CPR exhaust manifold and 3inch down pipe,Race built air-to-air and barrel water-to-air intercoolers , aluminum radiator, and aluminum solid engine mount. ENGINE MANAGEMENT/DATA ACQUISITION: bosch ECU 15 , STACK 800 data system

DRIVERTRAIN: Euro VW 6 speed , LSD, SPEC stage 4 clutch and lightweight flywheel assembly, B&M short shift kit, CPR race spec drive axles

SUSPENSION: Front: coil-over with Eibach springs, MOTON 3 way adjustable dampeners, Custom race anti-roll bars Rear: Multi-link, Coil-over with Eibach springs, MOTON 3 way adjustable dampeners, Custom race anti-roll bars. All bushing and suspension are monoball or solid mounted

BRAKES: STOPTECH vented and slotted BIG BRAKE KIT front and rear. ABS disconnected per SCCA PRO Racing specifications

WHEELS/TIRES: 17x8 inch forged alloy black chrome BBS RG-R , TOYO (spec tire for SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Series) FUEL: Diesel